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Damage Detection and Size Qualification of FML with the USE of NDE ; An Approach to Damage Detection in the Aircraft Structure with the Use of Integrated Sensors - The Symost Project; X-ray Diffraction Measuremets for Riveted Joints. The Applixcation of A Novel Methodology ;  Introduction of Fatigue Markers in Full Scale Fatigue Test of An Aircraft Structure ; The Synthetic Description of The Results, Scientific Achievements and Practical Applications of The Eureka - Imperja Project, E3496! - "Improving the Fatigue Performance of Riveted Joints in Airframes" ; Preliminary Verification of Selected Solutions for Crack Detection ; The Influence of the Degree of The Rivet Hole Sizing on the Fatigue Line ; Full Scale Fatigue Test of the New Undercarriage for Commuter Aircraft ; Recent Progress in Full Scale Fatigue M of PZL-130 "Orlik" TC-II Structure ; Airworthiness Test of the UAV Structure - Fatigue Issues ; Using Sandblasting and Sol Gel Techniques for the Preparation of a Metal Surface and Their Effects on the Durability of Epoxy-Bonded Joints ; Numerical Analysis of Material and Manufacturing Factors in Riveted Joints Under the Imperja Project ; Numerical Simulation of Fatigue Fracture of the Turbine Disc ; The MMM Expert System: Form a Reference Signal to the Method Validation ; Analysis of the Quasi-Static Riveting Process for 90o Countersunk Rivet ; The Effect of Cure Cycle Time on The Properties of Epoxy-Bonded Joints

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Nazwa publikacji: Fatigue of Aircraft Structures ISSUE 2012
Autor: editor Antoni Niepokólczycki
ISBN/ISSN: 2081-7738
Oprawa: miękka
Data publikacji: 2012
Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwa Naukowe Instytutu Lotnictwa
Liczba stron: 162
Wydanie: angielski

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